Forensic Handwriting and Document Examination: Applying scientific principles, the Forensic Handwriting Examiner (Grafex) analyses and evaluates handwriting and signatures to expose forgery, identify anonymous writers, etc. The examiner writes reports and gives testimony when needed to aid the client or court to arrive at the truth.

Through scientific examination of the physical features of documents the examiner may discover alterations, deletions; decipher obliterations; develop indented writing impressions; determine authorship.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis (Graphology) is a scientific examination of the strokes and impulses that are transmitted directly from the brain via the motor neuron system to the hand holding the pen. The writing strokes are directly influenced by the state of mind at the time of writing and the inherent personality of the writer.

Grafex uses Graphology that's a powerful, cost effective tool for:

Forensic Services

The validity and importance of handwriting patterns in questioned documents work have been established for many years.

Forensic Handwriting Analysis

When the brain instructs the body to write, the muscles are set in motion by a stream of neural impulses that come from all over the brain.

Statement Analysis

Grafex uses Statement analysis

It is impossible to lie perfectly and consistently. Lying will leave evidence of itself, which can be detected by the sensitive observer.

“The Moving Finger writes, and having writ,
Moves on; nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel Half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it”
From “The Rubayat of Omar Khayyam”


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