Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Graphology (Forensic Handwriting Analysis) is taught at a number of European Universities and at many universities it is a required course in the curriculum for graduate studies in psychology.

The science of handwriting analysis can trace its roots to antiquity. King Jo-Hau (1060 – 1180 AD), a painter and philosopher from the Sung period declared “ handwriting infallibly shows whether the scribe comes from a vulgar or noble-minded person.” (Hatfield Holmes, 2006; Dolch, 2006).

However, the first full bodied work on the science only appeared in 1622 when Camillo Baldi, a physician and professor of Theoretical Medicine at the university of Bologna wrote “ METHOD TO RECOGNISE THE NATURE AND QUALITY OF A WRITER FROM HIS LETTERS”.

How is it that internal disharmonies (of which the writer is often unaware) can reveal themselves through the writing?

When the brain instructs the body to write, the muscles are set in motion by a stream of neural impulses. These impulses come from all major centres of the brain, since the writer uses language, eyesight, muscle control, emotion, etc. to pen a message. All these processes and impulses are transmitted to  even the smallest muscles, and is a reflection of the state of the entire nervous system. Therefore any disturbance, psychological or physiological, influences the writing muscles and affects the handwriting.

Graphology is a valuable tool in the following areas:

PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT – helps the individual gain insight into himself and his reactions to his environment and other people.  Helps unfulfilled people become aware of their untapped talents and strengths.

MARRIAGE / PARTNER COMPATIBILITY – Makes partners aware of areas where clashes could occur and areas in which they complement each other – thus enabling them to handle these areas appropriately.

COMPATIBILITY IN BUSINESS – Matching the characters of people wishing to enter into a business partnership – find whether the necessary similarities and differences of mentality and value systems exist.

PERSONNEL SELECTION:  Find whether the applicant possess the characteristics and abilities required for a specific position.

ASSISTANCE TO CRIMINOLOGISTS AND PSYCHOTHERAPISTS:  Find what makes the writer “tick”.  By monitoring the writing establish whether treatment or therapy is having a positive effect.

Here are some Forensic Handwriting Analysis samples below:

Are you a “fluid thinker?”

A practical thinker?

Intelligently simple and practical

A ” deductive thinker ? “

A Stubborn character

Rebellious nature

Please help me, God!

I see….$$$$$$$!

To give but to claim back with interest

The marked creativity of film director Franco Zeffirelli

I cannot lose control !!!

I claim my space !

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