Graphology is widely used in European countries for pre-employment selection and promotion. In France, Germany and Holland 80% of companies routinely use graphology as part of their recruitment process. Companies in South Africa also have great success using graphology as a staff selection tool.

In 2009, KPMG carried out an Integrity Survey revealing that 74% of South African companies have experienced misconduct with 59% of employees admitting that they would do whatever they felt necessary  to succeed and 5% stating that they believe they will still be rewarded for their wrong doings. Graphology is an accurate, cost effective way of assessing the integrity of applicants. 

A thorough appraisal of the applicant’s character, aptitude and integrity can be obtained through an analysis of his/her writing.  It is unbiased since the analyst does not have contact with the applicant and cannot tell someone’s race, sex or age from the writing.  Other tests can be skewed by premeditated responses, but the candidate will not know what to change in his writing and attempts at deception can be spotted by the graphologist with this pre-employment analysis. 

Using the pre-employment analysis it is an accurate means of revealing and measuring the applicant’s potential for the work he/she seeks and will enable an HR Manager to place the candidate in a job that matches their ability. An employee in the right position is a happy employee and a happy employee is productive. 


For employment screening, we work on the following basic qualities:

  • Various types of intelligence (e.g. creative thinking, analytical, etc)
  • Integrity, various types of dishonesty
  • Self-motivation / discipline
  • Leadership ability
  • Communication skills
  • Inter-personal relations (e.g. ability to get along with a variety of people, team spirit, etc)
  • Job performance
  • Executive skills
  • Emotional maturity
  • Co-operative ability
  • Specific personality traits required for a particular job (e.g. sales ability) are included in the report upon the clients’ request.

 “ Beware of a man whose writing sways like a reed in the wind” (Confucius 551 – 479 BC) (Rockwell 4)

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